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OtHanasiRabbi Yeshayahu Heber, Chairman of Matnat Chaim, has been awarded the Presidential Volunteer Medal for 2014.  The Presidential Volunteer Medal is the most prestigious award in the field of volunteering, awarded each year by the President of the State of Israel to twelve exceptional volunteers or volunteer organizations.
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On Tuesday, May 19, 2015 a kidney transplant took place in Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva.  Please add the recipient, Simcha Zev ben Bella Rachel, and the donor, Moshe ben Bina Hinda, to your prayers.

Matnat Chaim is Hebrew for Gift of Life. The goal of Matnat Chaim – volunteers for kidney transplantation – is to encourage voluntary kidney donation and to make contact with potential matching recipients. All donations are purely voluntary – this is termed “altruistic” kidney donation. We also make every effort to simplify and shorten the administrative procedures involved.

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Latest Transplants

  • Date and Place: May 13, 2015; Beilinson Hospital
    Recipient: Mazal bat Laura, Donor: Baruch ben Chaya Meusheret

  • Date and Place: May 13, 2015; Beilinson Hospital
    Recipient: Eliran ben Sultana Shoshana, Donor: Eli ben Mazal

  • Date and Place: May 6, 2015; Beilinson Hospital
    Recipient: Yehoshua Yaakov ben Esther Zlota, Donor: Rivka Zelda bat Tova Yaffa

  • Date and Place: April 29, 2015; Schneider Hospital
    Recipient: Shmuel ben Oshra, Donor: Ruth bat Esther Yvette

List of Transplants

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